Thursday, September 6, 2012

June 11, 1911

From: Annie Gleasure, The Square, Listowel, Co. Kerry. Ire.
To: Frank Gleasure, 437 Cambridge St. Allston Mass U.S.A.

My Dear Brother,

I think you must always be surprised when you receive a letter from me, it is such a long time between them, but I think you know by this time what a bad correspondent I am.  I hope you are quite well as we are at present.  We are having splendid weather here now, indeed it has been a very good year so far as regards the weather.  You must be suffering from the heat over there now very much.  George is spending a pleasant time in Toherbane since the 17th of May and is staying for another week.  I think he earned it pretty well for he was kept rather busy all last winter about the greyhounds.  We have the house full of them and I have the care of those, also my own work to do while he is away, so I haven't much time to spare.  May was out to Tullig a few weeks ago and she thinks the old man will hardly last the year out, but of course he is old now though with care he may live for another year he is very hardy you know.  The old woman is the very same as when you were here.  I havn't very much to write about, this place is very dull and I expect May tells you of any thing that happens.  I wish I was out of Listowel it is such an old hale but the pater never says any thing speaks of doing any thing for me, but if he doesn't do any thing by next spring I will take matters in my own hands, I am heartily sick of slaving here.  I wonder if you could send me the money for my teeth when you get this, I should like to get them settled as soon as I could, and I wouldn't go about them unless I had the money in hand so if you could see your way to send it as soon as you could I would be forever thankfull.  I must close now with best love from your affectionate sister

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