Sunday, September 2, 2012

January 19, 1911

From: May Gleasure, The Square, Listowel
To: Frank Gleasure

Dearest Frank

I received your most welcomed letter some time ago but you will excuse me for not answering it when you hear that I was on my holidays, I went down to Toherbane to Fitzells' on last Saturday week and returned last monday, I had a most enjoyable time there, I went to see Ballyheigue and the Wireless Telegraph Poles I suppose you heard about them I also went to Banna Strand and I went to Tralee and I got my Photo's taken there I will send you some of them as soon as I get them I would have liked to stop there longer but father could not do very well without me, however a week is not all the bad and perhaps I might get another week later on.  I got 18 presents last Xmas they were as follows A Blouse, silver brooch, locket autograph, Money, bracelet kid gloves 2 hat pins 2 silk Handkerchiefs a bottle of perfume half dozen books 2 boxes chocolates a book of poems watch, box honey, and a Claw brooch.  I liked every thing I got except the two hatpins I did not get anything from Mrs Morris nor did not hear from her except a letter I got about 2 week before Xmas altho I sent her a present she never wrote to me since.  Tom Connor is working away at his trade but he is not doing as much as he used before he married I think when a person turns over like what he did that there is not very much thought of them I know I wouldn't anyway.  You were saying that you would send me some more songs I am giving you a list of some that I saw illustrated on the other sheets that I would like to have, Try and get them and send them on to me and I will not ask you for anymore for the year again for I am getting them all bound together by a book binder when I get some more from you so don't be long in sending them.  Times are very quiet in Listowel at present.  There is not very much doing.  I don't think I have any more of intrest to write about so I will close Hoping to hear from you within the course of three week

I remain Your loving sister

I got the Photo's before I post the letter so I am sending it on these are two of the Fitzell girls along with me I got single ones of myself two but I have them all promised but if I don't give them all away I will send you one later Write as soon as you get these and let me know what you think of them and try and send the music for I want to get it bound with the rest.

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