Thursday, October 31, 2013

January 6, 1943

From: Pvt. Geo. Gleasure, Co E 12th Inf. Camp Gordon, Augusta, Ga.
To: Mr. Frank Gleasure, 56 Gardner Street, Allston Mass. (Boston)

Dear Pa:,

Here is the application I got for my insurance, I'm sending it to you as I think it will be safer with you because I'm liable to lose it. The government was supposed according to this application to have sent you the policy so if you didn't get it, go to a U.S. Army finance office in town & find out about it because there is no way that I can do it because it takes too long. You don't have to pay anybody any money as that is being taken care of by me. Well this is all for now.

Luck George

I'm sending some photos if I can get hold of stamps so be on the watch for them.

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