Tuesday, July 16, 2013

November 3, 1942

From: Pvt. Geo. F. Gleasure 7709, CoA. 15th [?] 1st Platoon, Camp Wheeler, Macon, GA
To: Mr. Frank Gleasure, 56 Gardner Street, Allston, Mass. (Boston)

Dear Pa,

I wrote and told you the other day that I was to apear before a reclasification board for a physical examination.  Well I went up yesterday to the hospital and had a three dimension exray made of my chest and I went back again this morning to see how it came out and they told me it was negative so I don't have to worry about T.B. or anything like that, but I still have a physical weakness that almost overpowers me when Im under any strain such as a long march or anything that requires any degree of endurance.  At the hospital they act as though everyone is faking, at least that is how they strike me.  But I still have that pain in my chest regardless of what they or the xray says, there is something wrong somewhere.  Im not the only one who is told that there isnt anything wrong when there is.  But one thing I do know & that is that I'll never be able to stand up against anybody who is of better physical condition than I am.  The doctor that I spoke to said that he would talk to the doctor who has jurisdiction over this company so I wont know till then just what the results will be.  I also had a talk with the Company Comander and he understands that there is a general physical weakness there because he had observed me himself and he was about to call me in and ask me about it when I came in myself.  So far he has done what he could, but Im going to have another talk with him as soon as possible.  So far as that lung is concerned there isn't anything to get alarmed about so Ill close for now and will write again as soon as I find out what is to be done.



Here are a few pictures I had taken Sunday

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