Wednesday, July 24, 2013

November 22, 1942

From: Pvt. Geo. F. Gleasure, CoE. 12th. Infantry. Camp Gordon. Augusta GA.
To: Frank Gleasure, 56 Gardner Street, Allston Mass. (Boston)

Dear Pa.

I received your letter this afternoon (Sunday) & I was surprised to hear that you haddnt received my letter in regards to the change in address because I sent it out about two weeks ago & it should have arrived there long ago, the course of delay is delay is diffinetly at the other camp because since Ive been here the mail has been fairly good in coming in.  How will that slump that they are having on the railroad effect my job & some of the others who left there in the past year?  It looks to me like all the veterans of this war will have the same unemployment trouble that those of the last war had.  If we do go back & find no job it wont be taken by us as easy it was by the old war veterans.  I read about that fire in the Macon papers last week.  Yes I did mention Dr. Thompsons findings to the army doctor at Wheeler & he said the xray didnt show anything.  I didnt get any [?] from him so Im going to see the doctor in this camp as that pain is still there regardless of the xray saying negative, it could be something else or may be they were giving me the run around at Wheeler but Im going to find out anyway.  That furlough that I told you about should be due somewhere around the first couple of weeks in December.  If it comes through & as far as getting home Ill make it okay if we get paid before it comes up. we new ones who just arived in this camp havent yet signed the payroll so if we dont get it by then Ill only be able to get as far as New York City as Im a couple of dollars short of what I need.  The weather here today is hotter than blazes and it makes us lazy & sleepy, I dont like it atall, Id rather be up where its cold rather than down here where its hot.  Talking about strenuous forms of work, we have to go [out outs?] a large parade ground here about three times a week & run two miles, sofar I havent been able to do it, I go for about a mile & a half then I drop out its too much of a strain when you are not used to it.  Well this is about all the news from here so will close hoping to see you all soon.


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