Monday, May 28, 2012

January 21, 1907

From: George Gleasure Sr., The Square, Listowel, Kerry, Ireland
To: Frank Gleasure, 22 Herrick Street, Brighton, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

My Dear Frank,

We are very glad you are in good health and got agood job ithink that job will suit you better than any thing you got yet if it holds and you mind it we are all verry well at present and all the people out at tullig also you went to alot of expence about them presents you sent they are all delighted over them and verry carefull of them and showing them to all the friends some people is surprised to see them we got all the papers and letters you sent all right afew days ago we got the last bundle of papers we are having verry fine weather here just now the streets are as dry as they would be in summer we had verry rough weather after the holidays lots of snow and some frost there was other parts worse than here railroads blocks well how what about Joe going out to you in the spring iam sure he is verry anxious to go out and ithink it would be better have him with you iwould rather have him go for yer own sake as ithink ye both would get along better what ever iwould do without him ithink we would be able to get along alright there about twice as much to do as when you were here if you send him apassage card you should have it here before the first of april iwouldnt like to have him to late write as soon as you can after you get this letter and let us know all the connors boys is all at home yet only tom he is in england yet he got married to jude daughtons daughter he is getting along verry well old jude says herself and [jameres?] people dont speak to one another over the matter.  we got averry good town tennants bill part through parliment at last it gives the tennant the right to compensation for emprovements and also for unreasonable disturbances and entitles the tenant to sell his good will of the premises with the emprovements so you see it is agreat facility if aman wants to give up busines

bill Mcelligott the carpenter is going out california isuppose you new him he sold his house and furniture it was alicensed house as you go up to the raily and got 400 and 75 pounds for it but it was asplendid house bill could not have luck by all accounts going around listowel with girls getting them into trouble so you see things like that wont prosper Mrs. Gleasures daughter is one of them from banmore she was down at dick mccarthys couple of years ago iam glad to here you say that you thought of going to church as the man that dont realise where he is will never be any good you are not recognised by any but the rough element and then what you have is of no good to you if the hand of god is against you a man will never prosper

as i have no more at present i hope you will have a happy new year from

G. Gleasure
Kerry Ireland

to F. Gleasure

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