Tuesday, May 29, 2012

April 22, 1907

From: Helen A. Reardon, South Natick, Mass
To: Frank Gleasure, 22 Herrick Street, Brighton, Mass

My dear Frank,

You can have little idea how pleased we were to get your letter. In many ways, it was a great pleasure. The last time I wrote to you I sent the letter to Allston and receiving no answer thought I would hunt up your uncle in Boston and none of us could remember his name.

Well, we are glad indeed that Joe is coming. I can hardly imagine how rejoiced you will be. One thing that pleased Miss Bailey and I so much was that you had not had many intimate friends. Some friends are priceless but as you are situated it is much better to keep by yourself rather than be too free. That very thing has been the downfall of many a young man. I think you will begin to really live when Joe comes. You have been a good brave boy to stick to it and make your way alone. The Express business is a good one and one where honesty and reliability are appreciated. I hear Mr. Bailey say how much in demand good square men are in those places.

When Joe comes as soon as he gets his "land legs" you must both come out. You will find old South Natick changed more than you can imagine. Your house has been bought by the Hunnewells and fixed up so you would never know it. Where the old mill was there is a park with a fine stone wall. The Unitarian Church has been made over beautifully. The Elliot House which has been a saloon for years  has been sold to the Hunnewells and they are going to tear it down and put the land into a park.

Mrs. Burr has gone abroad for the summer.

I must write to Annie. I hope they will all come on the next that comes. No doubt you and Joe will accomplish it. We shall be glad to welcome you both on his arrival. Mr. Bailey is not all well. Has been sick on and off a year.

Very sincerely your friend,
Helen A. Reardon

Miss B and Mis Smith send best wishes

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