Friday, April 25, 2014

July 27, 1943

From: George Gleasure, Fort Dix
To: Frank Gleasure, 56 Gardner Street, Allston, Mass (Boston)

Dear Pa:-

I received your letter yesterday but didn't get the opportunity to answer till now because things have been pretty busy lately but I've got a couple of hours this afternoon so I'm using them to get caught up on my mail. I didnt see Jimmy at the South Station while I was there but I suppose it was due to the very large crowd that was there that day, the crowd was so large that they had to put on a second section to that train I took and it was "the Patriot" one of the New Haven and Pennsylvanias fast steamliners so thats why I was able to get to Trenton so fast. The cars were jammed full of soldiers and sailors and to make things more miserable than they were there was too damn many civilians pushing around and grabbing seats, there should be something done about them because they are a nuisance wherever the soldiers are. I received a picture of Madeline but as yet I didnt receive her husbands but she said she was sending one. Well Ive got to close now so I can get my stuff ready to go out to the rifle range, Ill be there for a couple of days so Ive got a lot of stuff to get together before I go so Ill close now till I hear from you again. Also tell Martha to write, she hasnt answered my letters yet.


Excuse pencil as pen is lost.

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